Honoring Parents

One of the great benefits of ppod's "home use" design is that it allows families to better honor their family members, maintaining their dignity at what can be a very challenging stage of live.

Removes Isolation

ppod removes isolation by providing opportunities for daily interaction. ppod gives seniors a face-to-face "communication portal" with healthcare providers, home health, other family members and friends anywhere in the world. It also has the potential to provide seniors a social network "to make new senior friends" with other ppod clients who choose to participate in our ppod user network.


Promotes Inter-generational Bonding

ppod creates built-in opportunities to bond with family members regardless of age.

Care taking allows time for sharing life lessons, storytelling, transferring knowledge and experiences, and exploring family history, to name a few. This will give more meaning and sense of purpose to every family member involved. What social issues could we have prevented today if our current care model was better capable of supporting generational bonding over these last 50 years?


Single Person Centered Care

COVID-19 continues to shine a bright light on institutional cares inherent weaknesses. One thing we know for sure is COVID-19 is highly contagious. New strains of it are now being reported. COVID-19 spread like wild fire in these “high risk” institutional care facilities.

What makes ppod® unique it has all the features of an isolation unit currently used in the control of patient spread of infectious disease during pandemics. These very features can also be used to guard or help prevent our elderly against the contact of these very same infectious diseases.

Each ppod® environment has it’s own independent air filtration, heating, cooling, and water systems. Making ppod® design not only valuable but very timely.

Designed for Family Caregivers

ppod was designed for caregivers by caregivers. We personally know by experience that holding up well under the rigors and challenges of caregiving is difficult.

Having the proper tools and support is the key to longevity in family caregiving. ppod is designed to improve isolation through interaction. ppod allows seniors and caregivers their personal space and quiet times when necessary. Our tools help with the activities of daily living including eating, bathing, dressing, toileting, transferring, and monitoring and sharing of vitals. Our space is ADA compliant. Families have needed a new home caretaking option that doesn't require expensive home remodeling. In many cases adding ADA-compliant or accessible features can negatively impact home values. Making these changes for short or even long-term needs can become financially questionable.


Results and outcomes will reach new levels of satisfaction using ppod as a new family caregiving partner. 70% of seniors live in rural or suburban areas. ppod was designed for these very seniors. By delivering better senior care and housing solutions to non-urban seniors and families where options may not even exist, we have addressed this very large pain point in our country. We believe seniors should remain in and supported by their communities and families if possible during this critical stage of their lives. We believe generational bonding has been a missing link with the old institutional care model for the last 100 years. What social issues could we have prevented if that link had not been broken? We are the future of home care.

A Financial Win For All

Affordability and attainability for all income classes of seniors was paramount in Living Solutions’ goals when creating ppod.. We wanted our clients to feel of “great worth regardless of their net worth.”

We feel it is important to positively impact a seniors self worth by allowing them to reside in the best environment possible. When leasing a ppod there is nothing for seniors or their families to buy. We set up and perform all ppod maintenance. When the need goes away, so does ppod.

ppod costs 27% less under Medicaid eligible seniors and 48% less for self pay seniors when compared to the national average of a private care center room. Our unique design allows for ppod to be set up or removed in about one hour. ppods use saves state and federal insurance programs in three important ways. We not only save in housing, we save in future healthcare costs by empowering family care and our monitoring of vitals and sharing via telehealth. We eliminate the need to purchase expensive durable medical devices like raised toilet seats, grab bars, etc. Savings on these expenses will add up to tens of millions of dollars annually for families and private and government insurance programs in years to come. We are the future of home care.

ppod Removes Guilt and Resentment

After a tour, we marvel at the timber beam architecture and the amenities, wishing we could live in a country club environment.

We drop mom off, hoping, believing, that the fantasy that these marketing departments have created is real. On the way to the door, reality hits as we see the far-away stare from an aging woman, someone's mother, parked in the hall in her wheelchair. Our senses are quickly heightened and we notice things like the dank smell of urine and the food stains from lunch on her mouth and clothing. We hear her faint cry, “please take me home.” Her plea sinks deep into the bones. Your mind begins to question our own decisions. Reality sets in and we begin to question what is really best for our seniors? What are the new roles of family members in this ever changing and seemingly unfair world?