A Financial Win For All

Living Solutions created ppod with a commitment to affordability and accessibility for seniors of all income levels. We want our clients to feel “great worth regardless of their net worth.” We want to boost seniors’ self-worth by empowering them to reside in the best environment possible during this new season of life. The ppod lease means there is nothing for seniors or their families to buy. We set up ppod . When the need goes away, so does ppod.


The ppod costs 27 percent less than the average private care center room for Medicaid-eligible seniors and 48 percent less for self-pay seniors. Our unique design allows ppod to be set up or removed in about one hour. The ppod saves state and federal insurance programs in three important ways:

  1. Housing costs.
  2. Future healthcare costs because of family care, monitoring, and telehealth.
  3. No expensive durable medical devices such as raised toilet seats, grab bars, etc.

Those savings add up to tens of millions of dollars a year for families and private and government insurance programs. We are the future of home care.


What’s in an elder-friendly ppod?

The ppod is a comprehensive high-tech personal environment rather than the narrow solutions or applications pursued by many companies. Living Solutions has packaged the best technology advances into an all-inclusive micro-care dwelling. The ppod has a kitchenette for light meal prep with a microwave, under-counter refrigerator/freezer, induction cook top, sink, and storage. The sleeping area includes a patented bed, hideaway guest cot, visitor seating, oxygen concentrator, and lift and sling. The bathroom has an ADA-compliant toilet, sink, and shower.

On board ppod, you’ll also find a telehealth portal that collects critical vital signs including temperature, pulse, respiration, blood pressure, and weight. It can transmit this information in real time to all members of a health care team. Our interactive screen and camera allow clients to interact with their doctors, home health workers, or other family members all over the world. The ppod’s telehealth functionality removes the need for exhausting and expensive trips to the doctor for routine vital, pain, and welfare checks. Reducing CMS costs.

The ppod has a unique option a robotic personality named Miss Pea – think George Jetson’s housemaid Rosie – that responds to clients’ voice commands. Miss Pea is the portable monitor for telehealth and video chat with the healthcare team, family members anywhere, and anyone else in her database. She will dial phone numbers and make connections using new voice-activated technology for seniors who lack technology skills. She will help seniors manage their social lives.

She can deliver small items and even dispense the right medications at the proper intervals. She will be programmed for many relevant tasks and provide companionship for senior clients, breaking the isolation of present senior care space. This is the future of Senior Care.

The ppod has many other benefits and accessories including climate controls, motion sensors, alarms, mood lighting, voice-activated privacy glass, close-able skylight, and private exterior deck. These features are designed to improve all aspects of assisted living and provide proper care for seniors for both short- and long-term needs. We are the future of home care.


Transporting and Positioning ppod

The ppod was designed with consideration for legal transportation on all public roads, loading, unloading, and setting up in all seasons and terrains. Our patented equipment enables a single employee to transport, deliver, and set up a ppod with our remote controlled, all terrain electric “ppod tug.”

Our tug unloads and places ppod within inches of its desired location. Since it is controlled remotely, the operator can be their own spotter as they maneuver over curbs, gutters, and landscaping and around trees or other potential obstacles. We can place ppod in driveways, backyards, or next to homes efficiently. The ideal location for a ppod is determined during the application process, and final locations and delivery conditions are approved prior to delivery.


Sewer, Water, and Electrical Hook Ups

The design makes installations simple, addresses zoning issues, and equips the ppod for operation in all seasons and climates. The ppod can safely operate from -40 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. It is self-contained, meaning it houses both fresh water and black water on board, requiring no water or sewer hookups. A third-party provider addresses water requirements every 90 days. For power, a 50-amp electrical service within 10 feet of ppod’s resting spot is required. Once ppod is placed, leveled, and plugged in, it is ready for service. Removal is quick and leaves a minimal footprint. We are the future of home care.


ppod Cluster

This a group of 10 ppods positioned like the spokes of a wagon wheel with an octagon-shaped dwelling at the hub. This center dwelling with wrap around windows is the 24-hour office for case managers, home health specialists, supervisors, or others who need to access or support residents.

This cluster or community meets the need of “solo” senior clients that have no family or others to provide day-to-day care. This unique layout has minimal infrastructure requirements, saving large installation costs and benefiting from quick implementation times. It can give multiple clients the benefits of living in a new structured and supervised ppod community. Towns, home healthcare groups, or others can create their own ppod clusters and unique care locations. We are the future for single person centered care.

Other ppod Users

While ppod was originally designed for seniors, others may also benefit from its unique assisted living design. These include injured veterans, stroke victims, those with spinal cord injuries, amputees, and other individuals with unique needs. We welcome these people into our ppod family.