A Silent National Crisis

76 million adults will turn 65 at the rate of 10,000 per day for the next 30 years. A perfect storm has been created with the oldest boomers and 12 million of their parents moving into assisted living at the same time. All of this is complicated by financial shortfalls made worse with double digit healthcare cost increases.

People over 60 who are also renters grew by 43% over the last decade. Seniors are downsizing at new levels for reasons including financial concerns and a need for basic survival.

Some seniors have been forced to choose between expensive prescription medications and food.

The storm has made landfall and it is directly impacting our seniors, their families, the healthcare industry, and both private and federal insurance programs. This turbulence is predicted to last for the next 40 years.

The healthcare industry has poured billions of dollars into new advancements that cure and prolong life. Yet we are still using 19th century institutional care model to care for our seniors.

  • They are expensive.
  • They have issues with quality.
  • They can result in isolating seniors.
  • They can lead to family guilt and resentment.
  • They go against the wishes of 70% of seniors, who do not want to live in these models.
Pills wrapped in money

We don’t transport our aging seniors in early 1900 era vehicles.

1900 Antique Car

Isn’t it time we give seniors and their families a new, improved long-term care option that has greater appeal? Why not give seniors and their families 21st century options?

Multiple apps, sensors, software and even robots have been developed for the aging space. But even advancements in technology cannot do the heavy lifting of toileting, bathing, feeding, dressing and transferring millions of seniors each and every day.

How will we afford to care for the tens of millions of seniors who will need care in the coming years with only 1.7 million institutional beds? It has been said that these licensed beds will be earmarked for seniors with the most challenging health issues. But where will all the other millions of seniors go for care?

Baby Boomers
Turning 65
Renting Seniors

The Thrive Center

This video was made by an independent non-profit group not affiliated with Living Solutions or it’s employees. While viewing it you quickly realize two things. They paint the challenges facing aging seniors well. And they clearly advocate and validate the need for products and services like ppod. This video could have easily of been a paid commercial for ppod.