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We are changing the way our aging loved ones are cared for—more affordably and with better outcomes. We are the future of home care.

Has someone created a new care model to better address the senior care crisis of today?

ppod is the future of home care.


The Science of Being at Home

Many studies have shown home based care has higher outcomes at lower costs. With CMS’ new COVID position regarding at-home care, rising federal deficits, and the current research by Humana showing 25% of current spending being deemed wasteful in healthcare and long term care, the fact single person centered care reduces exposure to infectious disease and 85% of our elderly want to be cared for by a close family member.

All this is a flashing signal that a scalable “At Home Care” option is needed and sought that addresses these many issues.

At Living Solutions, we recognize and value family caregivers. We want them to have the proper caregiving tools never before available. We have integrated families by design into the ppod’s care and housing system.

The ppod is the first portable high-tech assisted living environment. It is placed next to a family caregiver’s home where the patient can live for as long as needed. We focused on the needs of mind, body, and soul of both caregivers and seniors. We created an environment that ensures peace of mind for family members and elevates the dignity of seniors.

Seniors deserve care options in line with their wants and needs not just those of industry corporations. We are the future of home care.

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Our Nation’s Invisible Workforce

Our current institutional senior care model has been plagued from the start with issues of frontline employee retention that diminish seniors’ quality of care. While this challenging work is rewarding, it is not for every wage earner.

Today there are 44 million unpaid family caregivers in the United States whose work has a value of $500 billion a year. Providers and healthcare systems consistently overlook this enormous and steadily growing asset.

Family caregivers have stood the test of time and must be better utilized and armed with critical care giving tools. They approach caregiving differently and many considered it a personal duty to provide intimate day-to-day care to family members.