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We are changing the way our aging loved ones are cared for—more affordably and with better outcomes. We are the future of home care.

Has someone created a new care model to better address the senior care crisis of today?

ppod is the future of home care.


The Science of Being at Home

Having a family caregiver led to 85% fewer senior falls, 32% fewer inpatient hospitalizations, and overall health care savings of about $3,000 per patient. Family care reduces the number of direct care staff from several individuals to one or three family members who are a more cohesive and consistent team of “eyes and ears” in delivering critical information to clinicians. Families practice preventive health at unmatched levels. And families are the most effective labor pool available to care for our seniors.

At Living Solutions we recognize and value family caregivers. But until now, family caregivers have been greatly handicapped without the proper caregiving tools. We have integrated families by design into the ppod’s care and housing system.

ppod is the first high-tech assisted living environment that is also portable. It is temporarily placed as long as it is needed next to a family caregiver’s home. We have focused on the needs of mind, body and soul of both caregivers and seniors. We created an environment that creates peace of mind for family members and increases the dignity of seniors. We are the future of home care.

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Our Nation’s Invisible Workforce

Our current institutional senior care model has been plagued from inception with issues of frontline employee retention. This directly impacts the quality of care our seniors can receive. While this challenging work is rewarding, it is not for every wage earner.

Currently there are 44 million unpaid family caregivers in the U.S. Providers and healthcare systems consistently overlook this enormous and steadily growing asset, which is valued at $500 billion per year.

Family caregivers have stood the test of time and need to be better utilized. Family caregivers approach the caregiving responsibility much different than an employee. Many considered it a personal and private duty to provide very intimate day-to-day care to family members. This unique perspective is difficult to instill into frontline employees in our current institutional care model.

This video demonstrates the amazing bond that can be found between seniors and family caregivers.